Friday, February 10, 2012

SAVE THE DATE: #w7moves Transportation Summit

The Second Annual Ward 7 Transportation Summit is a citizen-led and organized initiative bringing attention to the transportation needs and wants of the Ward. This summit is a follow-up to a transportation summit convened last year around the theme "rediscover the bus."

Organized by Veronica O. Davis, an engineer and partner in sustainability consulting firm Nspiregreen, the transportation summits aim to give stakeholders an opportunity to have an open and honest dialogue with key government agencies and elected officials. Davis says, "Transportation is a key link in economic development and growth. Too often Ward 7 has been studied with limited action after the studies."

A common thread found in those studies is the Ward's limited connectivity--within the ward, within the East of the River community, and throughout the District. Some of the topics for discussion include, the WMATA W4 study, fully funding the East of the River Circulator, bus and rail safety, coordinating transportation demand management between Ward 7 and Ward 8 development projects, and getting more ward representation on transportation-related boards and commissions.

Davis continues, "One of the unique ways we plan to engage neighbors and key influencers is by hosting a tweet chat. In addition to word-of-mouth and flyering, social media has come to be such a vital communications link. Listserves, Facebook and Twitter are the modern-day conversation over the back fence."

This second summit is another thread in the conversation about advocating for the needs and wants of Ward 7 and its residents. 
W7Transpo Summit Flyer Update

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